Updated as of  4/18/2020

NOTE: The State HQ is closed until April 30?? due to COVID-19 policies put forth by Governor Abbott. 

The online submission of your post reports should not be delayed. However, any reports submitted via snail mail (USPS) will be delayed. All reports will be accepted even if the deadline has passed. This will also include your post quarterly audits.  

FYI as the National VFW Buddy Poppy hubs are presently shutdown they are not shipping any Buddy Poppies until further notice. 

Click HERE to view your 2020 State Convention Post Delegate Invoice by District   

Texas VFW uses a checklist of requirements for every VFW Post called a Status (Stat) Sheet. 


The stat sheets are used by Post and District Officers to gauge where VFW Post standings are at any given time as compared to other VFW Posts within their respective District and published VFW program and operational deadlines.


PLEASE BE PATIENT: Status sheets are updated once a week at around 1400 and there is often some backlog in our data entry queue. Please allow us a few days to review and input your submitted information before calling to confirm. 

Please email me if you have anything you feel is not correct: wayne@texasvfw.org.


Recognizing that most post have closed and business has been curtailed.  I will be posting a web page with links on this page for each of the districts/post to access their Delegate Invoice(s) and Delegate election reports online and will provide each of the District Commanders copies via email. This will be posted next week. So keep a look out and let your post QM's know that they can down load and print their invoices.    

For those post who are unable to meet and complete their quarterly audits here is a possible solution.. DOCUSIGN this will allow you to upload your post/district audit forms and all supporting statements etc to each of you trustee and the commander to obtain their digital signatures on their audits.  I have used this for my District and Post quarterly audits.  We also use this at Department as well.  

Click here for the State of the Organization 

Click here  The Stat Sheets are all in one document.

(for Texas District Status Sheets)

Status Report Key "Legend" 

District Status Sheets are now published as Adobe PDF (portable document format) files. You will need a recent version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed to view these files.

District 1

Preston Rich

District 5

Ron Spalding

District 10

Jose "Joe" Vargas, Jr.

District 15

Carl G. Lilly

District 19

Paul Lester

District 25

Mel Parker

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District 2

Kevin Bost

District 6

Jimmy E. McCombs

District 12

Larry Levy

District 16

Brian C. Satsky

District 20

Rolando S. Webber

District 28

Matt Lutz

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District 3

Keith Kelm

District 8

James Masters

District 13

Ventura Mancha

District 17

Everett L. Ison

District 21

Eddie L. Terry

District 29

Roy "Bobby" Jones

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District 4

Stephen Biehl

District 9

Steve Evans

District 14

Anson L. Booker

District 18

Lupita Perez

District 24

Jack Mageluzzo