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2023-2024 State Officers

State Commander

2023-2024 State Candidates.png

Larry Sanders

Sr. Vice Commander

Martinez, Robert (2022).png

Robert Martinez

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Jr. Vice Commander Candidates

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Anson Booker_2023-2024 State Jr. Vice Commander Candidate.png

Anson Booker

2023-2024 State Candidates - Dave Walden.png

Dave Walden

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2023-2024_Lupita Perez - State Jr. Vice Commander.png

Lupita Perez

2023-2024_John Shipley - State Jr. Vice Candidate.png

John Shipley

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State Quartermaster Candidates

Lowrance, Ben (2022-2023).png

Ben Lowrance

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State Judge Advocate Candidates

2023-2024_Steve Evans - Judge Advocate Candidate.png

Steve Evans

2023-2024_Larry Velasquez - Judge Advocate Candidate.png

Larry Velasquez

State Surgeon Candidates

2023-2024_Gerald Greene - State Surgeon Candidate.png

Gerald Greene

2023-2024_Randall Johnston - State Surgeon Candidate.png

Randall Johnston

State Chaplain Candidates

2023-2024_Foy Day - State Chaplain Candidate.png

Michael Foy Day

2023-2024_Timothy Anderson - State Chaplain Candidate.png

Timothy Anderson

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