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Online Reporting of Community Service 

Please note that your Community Service Reporting must be submitted within 30 days of when the event was completed. As required by the State Commanders Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) reference pg. 17.

Desktop & Mobile Browser Support

Please note that you must be using at least Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safary browsers for the form to properly function. 

Compliance Statement

In accordance with I.R.S. guidelines, the community service reported by me was conducted by the VFW and/or Auxiliary member(s) for the benefit of non-members and the community-at-large for which no reimbursement or payment of any kind was received and has been documented in the Meeting Minutes at the monthly Post meeting. 

Report Submittal Verification

This form has an automatic email response that may be blocked by YOUR Spam filters. If this is the case, then you will not receive an email confirmation or you may receive an error message when you submit your online community service report. Please also allow between 2-5 minutes to receive an email confirmation for a given report as there may be other uncontrollable delivery delays from time to time.

Please note, when a form submission is complete, it will display a "Thank you" message. When you see this notification on the page, our backend systems have received the report submission regardless if an email confirmation is not received.

Please check your Spam filters and designate all recipients from or as Safe/Trusted. 

Have Community Service Questions? Email John Jowers at

Texas VFW Magazine / Social Media Consideration

If your Post or District wants to have an event or activity featured in the Texas VFW Magazine, across social media and/or the Department website please submit your content on our Digital Media page. Please note this is a separate submittal from your Community Service Report and is picked at random based on the quality of content provided.


Form Instructions: 

Fill in Blanks to describe your Post Community Service Activity. ENTER ONLY ONE ACTIVITY AT A TIME!

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