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2022-23 Texas VFW District Commanders

Mitchell, Curtis - District Commanders.jpg

Curtis Mitchell

District 1 Commander

Post 2195

Contact email

Williams, Reggie.png

Reggie Williams

District 3 Commander

Post 1406

Contact email

Monceballez, Marty.png

Martin Monceballez

District 5 Commander

Post 7110

Contact email

Harper, Melvin.png

Melvin Harper

District 8 Commander

Post 6873

Contact email

Lopez, Nate.png

Nate Lopez

District 10 Commander

Post 812

Contact email

Cruz Montoya, Diana.png

Diana Cruz Montoya

District 13 Commander

Post 8562

Contact email

Caballero, Michael.png

Michael Caballero

District 16 Commander

Post 880

Contact email

Hernandez, Xavier.png

Xavier Hernandez

District 18 Commander

Post 8788

Contact email

Ramon, Joe.png

Joe Ramon

District 20 Commander

Post 2059

Contact email

Mageluzzo, Jack.png

Jack Mageluzzo

District 24 Commander

Post 4403

Contact email

Rebman, Scott.png

Scott Rebman

District 28 Commander

Post 12104

Contact email

Ampong, Barbara.png

Barbara Ampong

District 30 Commander

Post 7103

Contact email

Kitchen, Jorg.png

Jorg Kitchen

District 2 Commander

Post 4820

Contact email

Ellis, Sean.png

Sean Ellis

District 4 Commander

Post 2427

Contact email


Ann Marie Torres

District 6 Commander

Post 2375

Contact email

Guthrie, Bart.png

Bart Guthrie

District 9 Commander

Post 1475

Contact email

Small, Cathy.png

Cathy Small

District 12 Commander

Post 3992

Contact email

Surles, Jimmie.png

Jimmie Surles

District 14 Commander

Post 3892

Contact email

Torres, Frank.png

Frank Torres

District 17 Commander

Post 7104

Contact email

Pipes, Joel.png

Joel H. Pipes

District 19 Commander

Post 3893

Contact email

Heady, Glenn.png

Glenn Heady

District 21 Commander

Post 9190

Contact email

Parker, Mel.png

Mel Parker

District 25 Commander

Post 6284

Contact email


Christopher Davis

District 29 Commander

Post 5872

Contact email

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