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Veteran Business Name Approval Form

Are you looking to use "Veteran(s)" or "War(s)" within your business / organization name? Please review the requirements below prior to submitting the Approval Form.

Including any use of the words "veteran", "veterans", "war" or "wars" should not be taken lightly within a business name. Once the Approval Form below is submitted, it will be reviewed directly by the Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars, State Adjutant and/or State Quartermaster. Please do not submit the form more than once unless you are specifically requested to provide updated information. Multiple form submissions or spamming will result in immediate denial of an application.

Prior to Approval Form submission, you should already know the following:

  • Verified business/organization name search within your applicable state

  • The type of entity formation

  • A mission statement

  • The Goals or Vision of why or how you are including a "veteran focused" organization or cause

Approval Process & Follow-up:

  • The approval process can take up to 10-15 business days to receive your approval or denial letter

  • If approved, official letters will be emailed to your specified address and a hard copy can be mailed to your physical address upon request

Approval Form Processing Disclaimer:

In some cases, processing time could be longer than 15 business days if there are articles of business in question. If your business timeline does not fit within our processing time, there are additional resources that can be found here.

Effective August 31, 2023 - This site is being relocated to

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