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History of the VFW

Video History of the VFW

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As America's oldest Major Veterans Service Organization the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States has a rich and notable history that has not only served America' veterans but America as a whole. 


From collecting millions of signatures to make the Star Spangled Banner our National Anthem to today's new G.I Bill for service members, the VFW has been the tip of the spear for America and those who serve her in uniform.


September 29, 1899 thirteen veterans of the Spanish-American War formed the American Veterans of Foreign Service (AVFS) that has grown into today's VFW with over 1.4 million members. 

Cross of Malta


The VFW Cross of Malta dates back to the formation of the AVFS and symbolizes a society of warriors who have traveled to foreign countries to protect and advance the principles of freedom.

Origins of the VFW Cap


The overseas cap was America's first military uniform device denoting war time service and has been adopted by the VFW as its official cap honoring those who have answered Americas call to arms.  

History of the VFW Cap

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