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Texas VFW Magazine Package

Do you have a product, service or would like to advertise veterans related information across a large membership platform?


The Texas VFW magazine is a prominent information source for veterans within Texas regardless if they are a Veterans of Foriegn Wars member or not. Let this Advertising opportunity work for you all year round. 


The magazine package lasts for 1 year (4 editions). Additionally, your ad will be a part of some of the magazine newsletter and social media campaigns to our membership.

  • Advertisement Requirements

    If you are interested in marketing across a digital platform it's as easy as having a logo, a motto, or even just simple text. We have different options based on your specific needs.

    Any inquiry or question can be sent to prior to purchase.

    After payment is received, you will receive additional instructions and information from a media representative at the Department of Texas VFW to discuss your next steps for publication.

PriceFrom $300.00
Excluding Sales Tax

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