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2020 Texas VFW Fall Magazine

2020 Texas VFW Summer Magazine

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Honoring Veterans and Community

Report the ways in which your Post or District is honoring and supporting Veterans in your community by sending a 100+ word write up and 4-5 high resolution photos to: terri@texasvfw.org.

Texas VFW Members are some of the most generous and giving in the country and we want to showcase all of the good things you are doing in your communities here on this website, in the Texas VFW Magazine and on facebook. So send anything you feel has made your community a little brighter — no matter how big or small the event.

Some things include (but are not limited to) feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, mentoring, assisting the elderly, community clean up, fundraising, disaster assistance, troop care packages, repairs, first responder support, etc. You tell us! We know you are already doing magnificent things throughout the State of Texas to pay it forward while honoring Veterans.

Stay tuned here for updates and announcements involving submissions.

(This is separate from VPR reporting. Be sure to still submit your VPR reports as usual.)