Every year the Texas VFW recognizes an Outstanding Classroom Teacher for Grades K-5, 6-8, and

9-12. These teachers are selected from nominations received from Posts and Districts throughout Texas. 


The state winners are then forwarded to National VFW for competition at the National Level.


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Rules & Eligibility Requirements

 VFW Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher Entry Form • Due 01/01/21

Scholarship Programs Teacher Request Form

Teacher Award District Reporting Packet

Teacher Award Post Entry Form

K-5th Grades

2019-20 Citizenship Education Teacher Award K-5th Grades

Andrea D. Mason of Garland, Texas 

Lee A. McShan Elementary School, Dallas, Texas

Sponsoring Post: 6796–Dallas

Sponsoring District: 3

2019-20 Citizenship Education Teacher Award 6th-8th Grades

Jennifer Land of Pasadena, Texas

Keller Middle School, Pasadena, Texas

Sponsoring Post: 4395–-Pasadena  

Sponsoring District: 4

2019-20 Citizenship Education Teacher Award 9th-12th Grades

Jason Barber of Brenham, Texas 

Brenham High School, Brenham, Texas 

Sponsoring Post: 7014-Brenham

Sponsoring District: 17