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Terrance Gilmore Receives VFW Award with First Responders

Terrance Gilmore & First Responders Receive VFW Award

Yesterday, Terrance (Terry) Gilmore along with 5 First Responders received the VFW Award for their action at the Princeton Fireworks Event back on July 3. Gilmore, of VFW Bois D’Arc Post 9167 in Princeton, was attending the event when he came across Justin Belter with Hickory Heat BBQ. Justin was struggling to catch his breath and vomiting.

Having a medical background, Terry realized Justin needed immediate medical attention and alerted 2 paramedics that he was exhibiting signs of a heat stroke. They immediately rushed him to the A/C where the two paramedics and three firemen attended to Justin and ensured he received the appropriate care. Afterwards, Terry was informed that his quick action prevented Justin from experiencing a full-blown heat stroke.

Justin and his family are very grateful to the paramedics, firemen, and Terry for all their assistance. Because of these actions, the VFW along with Justin and his family would like to honor Terry and the first responders for their rapid response and exceptional care at the next city council meeting.

The Texas VFW would like to especially thank and recognize Terry Gilmore and the First Responders for going above and beyond on that day. #StillServing

VFW Awards Presentation with Princeton City Council

At the Princeton City Council meeting on October 24, 2022, Mayor Brianna Chacon along with other City Council Members recognized Gilmore and the other First Responders. Texas VFW State Commander, Lynn Toomer, and VFW Post 9167 Commander, Preston Callaway, were on hand to present the VFW Award for recognition of their responsive actions on July 3, 2022.

VFW Awards were presented to the following individuals:

  • Terrance Gilmore, VFW Post 9167

  • Eddie Summerford, AMR Paramedic

  • Steven Cortinas, AMR Paramedic

  • Joe Vega, Princeton Fire Department EMT

  • Zach Lannerd, Princeton Fire Department EMT

  • Matthew Kruse, Princeton Fire Department Paramedic

To see the complete awards presentation, click here.

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