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Honoring Comrade James "Red" Towers

The Texas VFW Foundation sends our deepest condolences to James “Red” Towers’ family as they hold services in his honor today, February 8, 2023. More information about his services, can be found on his obituary page. Please leave your condolences and thoughts and prayers to the family.

Red was an integral part of the Texas VFW Foundation for many years. He and his wife, Linda, volunteered countless hours for the Foundation. Red was instrumental in fundraising in the early years, served on the review committee for veterans in hardship, was the liaison for the Foundation while helping organize the Homeless Veterans Standdowns in Austin, took on the application process for federal standdown grants for a few years, and spent countless hours helping develop the Homeless Assistance Grant program available to posts through the Foundation. Linda would volunteer her time to help with the data entry when the applications were pouring in at 40 – 60 per day.

He was instrumental in bringing a very special project to fruition, just days before his death. He, while District 28 Homeless Chair, identified a

need to have a storage building for donated supplies for homeless veterans that would be a joint project with the VA, District 28, and the Foundation. He fought for years to make this happen. Recently, all fell in to place with funding from District 28 and the Foundation to purchase a shed. Pilot Knob VFW Post 8925 agreed to have the shed reside on its property. The VA Homeless Program has the responsibility of distribution of supplies to veterans seeking assistance.

He was a true servant for all veterans, a great man, and is truly missed.

~ Executive Director, Texas VFW Foundation, Beth West


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