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Military Order of the Cootie
The Military Order of the Cootie is recognized as a subordinate and auxiliary order of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. It is considered the "Honor Degree" of the parent organization and is governed by and under the control of the National convention, the National Council of Administration and the Commander-in-Chief.
Only active members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States are eligible for membership in the Military Order of the Cootie, and such membership continues and is conditioned upon retaining active membership in the VFW.
The objectives of the organization are to promote social and reunion features among the members of the order and to keep alive therein the spirit of optimism and humor so characteristic of the American service man.
The name MOC refers to the Military Order of the Cootie, PT means Pup Tent, and 00 means we are identified by that number. "THE COOTIES ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST" of the VFW organization. They are the most dedicated members who perform duties involving the aid to hospitalized veterans and those who are sick or injured, providing blood, visitation, clothing and entertainment at VA medical centers and other non-VA facilities, such as nursing homes and civilian hospitals.
A Cootie is selected from the VFW Post membership by the Cootie Pup Tent. The member is invited to belong and it is a privilege for a VFW member to be invited to belong to the "HONOR DEGREE" of the VFW.
A member must have served in one or more major VFW post offices or appointed positions, Service officer, Post Commander, Senior Vice, Junior Vice, etc. for at least one year, be of outstanding character, be a dedicated VFW member and have a strong desire to promote the VFW and its programs.
The Cooties are not all just hard work, they are by far the fun bunch of a post. Any time you see a gathering of men and women wearing the white and red uniforms and that funny looking red fezz hat you will quickly realize this is a very happy and fun loving group
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