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Status Sheets
Texas VFW uses a checklist of requirements for every VFW Post called a Status (Stat) Sheet. 
This stat sheet is used by Post and District Officers to gauge where VFW Post standings are at any given time as compared to other VFW Posts within their respective District and published VFW program and operational deadlines.
PLEASE BE PATIENT: STATS Will Start Back Up on August 6th. Status sheets are updated once a week and there is often some backlog in our data entry queue. Please allow us a few days to review and input your submitted information before calling to confirm.

Click here for National Membership Stats. 

Click here for the most recent Texas District Status Sheets.  This is all stat sheets in one document.
Click here for District Stats                 
Click here for District Standings 
Click here for Post in the Top 10%
Click here for Division Standings
Status Report Key "Legend"

District 1


Fred Wells 

District 2 

James Seales

District 3 

Mark Stein

District 4

Carl Arnold

District 5


Marvin Brietzke

District 6


Al Nunez, Jr.

District 8

James Masters

District 9


Ronnie Lance

District 10


Jo Ann Knight

District 12


John Ashcraft

District 13


Tim Casey

District 14


Rodger DeWeese

District 15


Randy Duckworth

District 16


Brian Satsky 

District 17


David Helton

District 18

Loren Pogue

District 19


Al Navarro, Sr.

District 20

Larry Sanders

District 21

Jon Lunkwicz

District 24


Harold Hartman

District 25


Mel Parker

District 28


Charles Swain

District 29


Bobby Jones

District 30

Tom Cloy

Men's Auxiliary 
Updated as of 
District Status Sheets are now published as Adobe PDF (portable document format) files. You will need a recent version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed to view these files.
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